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    Product Details
    RGBlink VSP 3600 is a perfect integrating video processing,powerful seamless switching, rotation, DSK, multi-screen stitching and other functions into one video processor.

    RGBlink VSP 3600 provide convenient front-panel control operation interface, users can also be fast operations through remote communication control ports,control programs, or remote control panels.

    VSP 3600 is the good choice for  rental market, brand promotion and other applications by rotation, seamless switching, chroma key processing, and stitching up to 4096 * 2304 (more than 4K * 2K) performance.

    RGBlink VSP 3600 also supports image switching and image scaling, quickly set special effects such as subtitle overlay, chroma key and image rotation.

    ● Supports 2048x816

    ● Support 4 layers processing

    ● Support point-to-point / multi-screen / multi-cascade seamless splicing

    ● Support image rotation

    ● Super wide and high stitching

    ● Support subtitle overlay

    ● Support seamless fade-in and fade-out switching

    Signal input interface

    4 x DVI (HDMI1.3 compatible)

    Signal output interface

    4 x DVI loop out

    4 x DVI

    4 x VGA

    Control support

    USB, RS232, TCP / IP



    Carton size




    Package weight


    Operating temperature

    0 ° C ~ 40 ° C

    Relative humidity

    10% ~ 85%
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