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    RGBlink VSP 1314
    • RGBlink VSP 1314
    RGBlink VSP 1314

    RGBlink VSP 1314

    Product Details
    RGBlink VSP 1314 is a economic seamless special effect switching video processor,including 4 composite inputs, 2 USB input interfaces, 2 VGA (compatible with HD component) input interfaces, 2 DVI (compatible with HDMI1. 3) Input interface, 1 DVI3 (dedicated background and splicing) input interface.It combines seamless, fade-in and fade-out switching with advanced image analysis conversion technology to meet the needs of high-quality, HD video display,a variety of switching effects such as curtain, opening,fade-in, etc. to make the output switching seamless, smooth, gorgeous and diversified.

    RGBlink VSP 1314 support user-defined screen size and position, multi-screen operation, multiple groups of save and recall, and multiple control methods to achieve background overlay images.

    RGBlink VSP 1314 adopts a unique button switching design and LCD menu to achieve arbitrary switching between program output and preview, which greatly improve control of LED screen. In the splicing mode of VSP 1314, DVI3 is used to input the splicing signal, which can realize single or multiple cascade splicing.

    ● Preview + programming output

    ● Support automatic recognition of input formats and format conversion

    ● Input seamless special effects switch

    ● Support point-to-point output

    ● Support 3840 x 1080 resolution splicer

    ● Support picture-in-picture

    ● User-defined pixel-level scaling

    ● Cascade synchronization and seamless splicing

    ● Support 2 built-in sending cards

    Signal input interface

    4 x composite (CVBS)

    2 x VGA (compatible with HD component)

    2 x DVI (Compatible with HDMI 1.3)

    1 x background / cascade stitching (DVI3)

    Signal output interface

    2 x DVI

    1 x VGA



    Package size




    Gross weight


    Operating temperature

    0 ° C ~ 40 ° C

    Relative humidity

    10% ~ 85%
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